We don't just wanna create media content, we want to create meaningful heart centered content; that inspires, teaches and has a positive impact in the world.
This means co-creating, working for NGO's, small business owners, and the peacemakers of the world.
Our Goal is making Digital Media Marketing Campaigns that make engage your audience and get mesurable results. Through the use of Video, Photography, Graphic Design, good old Copywriting and SEO optimization. 
Helping you find the voice of your brand through your values, goals and aundience.  Creatively crafting your brand's voice, so it can be heard.
Emiliano Marquez
Creative Director

Joel Alvarez
Producer and Video Editor

Hi there! People call me Em

I've worked in  Commercial Films, NGOs, Fundraisers and Magazines. I've even helped manage a Meditation Retreat Center in Canada.

I'm passionate about life, meditation and the moving image, and making the world a better place. When I'm not meditating or out in nature. I love to make music.

Hello stranger!

My name is Joel,  I'm the Producer and Video Editor at Ajna Media, I like to work meticulously with sounds and movement, making beautiful videos that tell the heart of stories.


In my free time I learn how to play ukulele and I have a dog named Milo, he rocks.

Cipatli Jimenez
Biology and Enviromental Consultant

Jerónimo Sánchez
Music Producer and Sound Designer

I studied Biology in UNAM, and I've got a Masters on ciencies of life, specializing in precission agriculture . I've worked in Wildcoast and the Governemnt of Baja California Norte.

I love music and sound. I'm a multi instrumentallist and have worked in sound design and music production for 10 years. I've got a B.A. in Music.

I've made several records as a musician, composer and guitarist. I have also taught music in the USA.

Cecilia V.
SEO & PPC Wizard

I'm Cecilia.

I've worked in Social Media Marketing, particularly with SEO and PPC for several years. I've written copy that works for many many brands. I have a background in business and an great interest for alternative ways of healing. 

Let's talk about the voice of your brand.